Adopt A Lion

Adopt a lion

It is a sad fact that humans are likely to cause the extinction of a quarter of all known species in the next 20 years, unless we work together to protect them now.

Just £3.00 per month will go towards helping WWF to protect lions in the wild and in return WWF will send you a wonderful lion adoption pack containing a fluffy lion toy, booklets, stickers, an adoption certificate and regular newsletters.

Adopt: The Enesikiria Lion Pride of the Maasai Mara Reserve, Kenya

Species: Lion

The Enesikiria Pride: The lions of the Enesikiria Pride are based in the northern Maasai Mara in Kenya. The pride is made up of a variety of males and females from several different lion families as well as a number of adorable lion cubs of varying ages. WWF support the welbeing of the lion pride by monitoring lion numbers and engaging with the local communities to help prevent conflict between humans and lions.

About lions: Lions are the most social of all the big cats and they are well known for their tremendous roar. Unfortauntely, they are also an endangered species with only approximately 30,000 to 35,000 now left in the wild. Sadly this is now roughly a third of the lion population that was in existence some 20 years ago.

Lions enjoy a variety of different habitats ranging from woodlands and thick bush which allows them to shade from the sun and provide cover from hunting to open grasslands which allow the lions to roam freely. As is the case with most endangered species there is a real threat of habitat loss which is contributing to the dwindling numbers of lions in the wild. WWF help to educate communities that overgrazing livestock and destroying habitats is a large reason why these magnificent cats are dying and you can help with their amazing work by making a small pledge.


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